5 DIY “Monster Sprays” That Will Get Your Little Ones To Bed In No Time At All!

Are the kids scared of the dark? Does it take extra time to “clear” the closets from monsters and “check” for spooks under the bed? A fear of the dark is common among toddlers and even young kids, and “checking for monsters” can become routine if you aren’t careful. I don’t know about you, but after 9pm, every minute counts for me because that means extra time for mom to spend in the tub or, if we’re being realistic, time to finish folding that laundry that has been on the couch for two days now.

There are a couple of ways to go about a functional bed time without all of the fight, and this is one of my favorites! You can get creative and let the kids help you make the bottle, or clinical and have your pediatrician “prescribe” it at the office. Any way you want to do it, it’s just a fun idea. Anything to help with bedtime is worth a try!

The Prescription Spray


This one might take some coordination with your pediatrician, but if your child needs a bit extra help recognizing their fear of monsters and the dark, having a professional to “make things better” can ease their little minds and make them feel important. This can be a spray bottle filled with water and a drop or two of essential oils to give it a delicious smell. Don’t use any spray that might damage fabrics or be harmful for your child to inhale during the night.

An Aerosol Spray


While I would not recommend spraying this inside of your child’s room just before bed time, you can use this spray in the hallway or just outside of their door to “keep the monsters out.” This is a fairly good technique if you want your children to learn to sleep with their doors open. If you don’t have time or resources to create a monster spray bottle with water, this is a decent alternative as long as you keep it at a distance.

Calming Spray


If your little one can get hysterical when it comes to bed time, essential oils can be your best friend! Fill a spray bottle with water and add a few drops of calming scents such as lavender, Cedarwood, tangerine, and chamomile are all great choices. With their personal spray bottle, kids can spray this at any time that they feel scared. The essential oils will help to calm their nerves and lull them to sleep! If they aren’t old enough to spray this for themselves, be sure to be on standby for the first few nights. They will want you to spray constantly!

Room Spray


If you have a favorite room spray or a natural air freshener that you would prefer to use in your child’s room, all you need to do is print out a little tag that says “Monster Spray” and use this instead! The kids will love the smell and they can feel safer knowing that the “monsters” are being kept at bay. Bed time has never been easier! Pretty soon they will forget what the spray is for, and you’ll be able to ween them off of it and create a bed time schedule that works for everyone.

Carpet Spray

11.16oThis one is easy! Peel off the labels of any carpet spray that you are using and redecorate it for your little ones! The scent will last until they fall asleep, and the bedtime routine will be easier once they know that the monsters are gone.

The goal is to help children recognize their fear of “monsters” and eventually be able to move past it. The dark is scary, and a child’s imagination can run wild more often than not once the lights go out. While this is a unique and fun tool to help children realize that monsters aren’t something that they should be afraid of, it is just a tool. With constant reassurance that they don’t need the monster spray, the goal is that they can one day go to bed without needing to check for monsters. Overcoming this particular fear can be made easier with this cute and clever DIY project!

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