5 Clever Inventions You Didn’t Know Your Dog Needed

Dog parents everywhere are willing to go out of their way to make their pet’s life a little easier, but normally that just means buying a plush doggie bed and some tasty dog bones. These inventions are hilarious…but surprisingly useful. Just imagine your dog’s life with even one of these inventions and you’ll see that it makes things more convenient for everyone!

Will it make your pooch bark more or less if he can see beyond the fence? We have no idea, but it’s a fun idea! Want to take your pet out for a walk and protect her from the rain? Now you can! Don’t forget the rain boots.Do you leave your pet at home while you are off to work? Now you can check in, talk to your pup, and give him a treat! It will break up the day if you don’t have someone to let him out midday, and it’ll give you peace of mind to check on him once in a while.This safety harness makes the backseat safer for your dog while he’s riding in the car. He won’t get stuck between the seats on the ground and will be able to lounge around much easier with the extra support! (Not to mention, your seats will be so much easier to clean!Is your dog small enough to fit through the fence posts? Not anymore! Attach a flexible stick to their collar and never lose your pup through the fence again!Would you get any of these crazy items for your pet? Which one was your favorite?

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