5 Awesome Things You Can Do With Toilet Paper Rolls!

Yes, that’s right! Toilet paper tubes are biodegradable, and rather sturdy as long as you keep them dry! You can use them for a number of crafts and they can even help in your garden! The great thing about these rolls is that they’re so versatile. There are tons of crafts you can do with the kids, and some pretty nice storage options to use them for, too. Start saving your toilet paper rolls and see what you can do with yours!

10.28c1. Help your seedlings grow!

Seedlings are delicate, and if you don’t protect them, they will either fail to germinate or die soon after they sprout. This biodegradable “container” will allow your seedlings to have a better chance at growing to be full and healthy plants! The best part about this method is that you don’t have to dig out the seedlings once they have sprouted. You can simply place the entire cardboard roll into a large pot! The roots will push through the degrading cardboard. This means that your seedling won’t be harmed during the replanting process. Save your rolls and watch your garden grow!

10.28g2. Keep the kid’s toys organized!

This project will obviously take some time and patience to create, but this fun car “garage” is too cute to pass up! Have your child paint each rolls as they are collected to make it even more of a custom garage and watch the collection grow! This is fun, easy, and best of all…it won’t cost you anything! Any chance to recycle is welcome in my house!




10.28d3. Keep birds and squirrels away!

If the birds and squirrels keep getting into your garden or plants, consider using this method to distract them! Coat a toilet paper roll with peanut butter and roll it in birdseed. It will keep for quite a while, and the lovely but pesky birds will stay away from your garden (hopefully!) giving your plants a better chance to grow! You can hang them from branches or tie them to poles near your garden as a nice distraction, and as long as it doesn’t rain, you can re-use old rolls.

10.28f4. Creative crafts with the kids!

Create an entire village with toilet paper rolls! There is usually an empty roll at the end of the week in my house. I have more than one kid, so I think I would wait until I had 3 or 4 of these little rolls before I introduced this family project to avoid fighting over whose roll it is. You can even change these up depending on the holiday! Imagine a little Christmas village or a spooky haunted castle! This is a lot of fun and it will make for a fun keepsake later on!

10.28e5. Keep those cords out of sight!

Are you tired of bulky cords taking over you “junk drawer?” Try this method to keep them neat and organized. Keep this box in a place that is easily accessible, or line your rolls up in a drawer in the kitchen next to your real “junk drawer.” I need this in my life. I’m so tired of combing through knotted cords just to find the one that I need!

Are any of these crafts something that you can do in your home? Everyone has toilet paper rolls, so why not try some of these cool projects out for yourself! I’m excited to sprout little seedlings with the help of this cardboard! The last time I tried to grow a garden, only a small amount of them survived. I also want to try out the cord organizer idea! Too clever! Which one was your favorite?

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