4th Grader Opens A “Salon” On The Sidewalk. One Woman Cancelled Her Plans To Be The First Customer!

Deaja Carson was riding her bike home from work one day when she saw a young girl sitting on the curb. She had a sign propped up that said “Ru’s Salon,” and she was asking the people passing by if they would like to have their hair or nails done for only $1. Person after person said “no,” or “I’m busy right now, I’ll come back tomorrow.” She didn’t believe them and was getting more and more disappointed.

Carson asked the girl what she was up to in order to lift the girl’s spirits. It turns out the Rhuin wanted to own her own salon one day and knew that she would have to start small. Her mother pays $15 to get her nails done at a salon, so Rhuin was going to start off at $1 and work her way up once she had a “client base.” She also plans to give half of her profits to the homeless and the hungry.

Carson didn’t have the time for a real appointment and promised to come back the next day…but only a block later she turned around and went back to find Rhuin packing up and heading inside. She blew off her plans and got a manicure from the girl, promising to spread the word about where she got her nails done.
6.29a9Carson was impressed because the girl wasn’t begging – she was doing something that she loves to do.

The post went viral, and Rhuin’s mom posted a video of her daughter’s salon on Facebook as more and more people wanted to encourage the little girl to keep going!6.29a8She has even more clients than before! Encourage the young people around you to never give up on their dreams!

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