$40,000 Worth Of Cash And Gold Bars Found By Stranger. Would YOU Return It?!

A man was having a busy day and forgot his wallet under a tree. It happens to the best of us – we’re busy, we’ve got other things on our minds, we get distracted, and things get forgotten – but would you ever “forget” $40,000?! It seems too crazy to be true, but there are pictures to back this crazy story up!

He had been fighting with the seat of his bike after sitting under a tree, which is why, the man claims, he forgot his wallet. It sounds far-fetched, seeing as his wallet contained $4,000 cash and a kilo of gold bars. It should have been heavy enough to notice, but apparently he simply forgot.

The wallet was quickly discovered by an honest man.
Inside the wallet, identification let the man know who the piles of cash belonged to. He quickly brought everything to the police and hadn’t touched a single bit of it. They were able to get in contact with the owner, and most of it was returned.

There is a law in the city of Berlin that awards an honest finder’s fee of 3 – 5% of the total value, and a 10% fee is charged for “storage.”

No one is being named for privacy reasons, but the police did decided to share the unusual story on Twitter! People were shocked that someone could just “forget” about their gold bars!

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