40 People Rush To Save Herd Of Elk From Drowning In Frozen Lake

When nature took a wild turn that Friday morning, no one was ready for just how much their actions would matter.

13 elk found themselves breaking through the ice at the Palisades Reservoir, quickly losing feeling in their bodies and legs. They were struggling to stay above the water, but they had no real way to climb back out of the frigid lake. They were spotted by a passerby on his way to work that morning, and as people stopped to see why cars were pulling over, they too stopped to help.

When they realized why complete strangers were hacking away at the ice with various tools, one man called a friend to bring a chainsaw. The people began to carve out a pathway for the elk to simply walk out of the water, but they realized that the elk could no longer control their limbs. They were freezing to death.

That’s why they decided to tie ropes around the animals’ necks and pull them out by hand. It was dangerous, but it was the only way to save the animals.Not a single elk died thanks to the efforts of the strangers. As they were trying to urge the animals towards safety, they became confused. Their legs were stiff and their bodies were chilled to the bone, but they never gave up fighting to stay alive!

All 13 elk were free thanks to the hard work of kind strangers.

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