40 Minutes After Being Put On The Wait List For A Liver Transplant, This Baby Found A Match!

Daniel McCabe has been monitored by doctors since his birth. Just after being born, doctors diagnosed the infant with biliary atresia, a disorder that affects the liver and bile ducts, blocking them and scarring the liver. When he came to the hospital for evaluation in early December, his condition deteriorated.

An adult waits an average of 149 days for a donor liver. Children wait for an average of 86 days. But for little Daniel, his wait time was on 40 minutes!

I think it was the best thing for him. He was deteriorating fairly rapidly, even for this disease. Usually it’s not so fast, and he really needed that liver as soon as possible,” his pediatric liver specialist, Dr. Saeed Mohammed, said.

At 10:15 a.m., Daniel was placed on the donor list. Because of the severity of his diagnosis, he was placed at the top of the list. Miraculously, a donor liver was available at the exact same time.

40 minutes later, Daniel’s doctor broke the news to his parents and Daniel was taken into surgery. The transplant surgeon divided the adult-sized liver and gave a small portion of it to Daniel; the rest went to another patient on the wait list.

One person’s donation saved two lives that day. While Daniel will remain in the hospital for over a month, his doctors are optimistic and the family hopes to take him home in mid-February!

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