4-Year-Old Requests An Officer To Help Her Check For Monsters In Her New House.

When the Fahrenbruch family moved into their new home, “ghosts” wasn’t on their list of things to check for. Good plumbing, termites, and structural damage made sense…but ghosts? Every night since their first night in the home, the family reported hearing noises when they knew that no one else was awake. Their 4-year-old daughter was hearing those noises, too.

Sidney Fahrenbruch knew that she needed to help her daughter feel less afraid of the new sounds – as most homes have a bit of noises and quirks to get used to – but wasn’t sure where to turn. Thankfully, the new town they had moved to was all about helping the community in any way that they could!
Later that month, the family met Officer David Bonday at a community event. Sidney brought up their problem and Bonday offered to help out!

One Sunday afternoon, he paid a visit to the Fahrenbruch’s home and helped the 4-year-old “search” for intruders. He let her use his flashlight and surveyed the front yard to rule out any “monster activity.” In the end, the girl was satisfied that there were no strange creatures in the house, and has been able to sleep soundly ever since.

Mom was grateful to the town for allowing their officers to pay attention to all the needs of the community – even one as small as looking for monsters under the bed!

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