4-Year-Old Refused To Sleep In his Bedroom. Parents Hired An Artist and EVERYTHING Changed!

A novelist and artist named Crispin had a friend that was struggling. His family had recently moved into a new home, and his 4-year-old son, Ben, was having a rough time. Ben had never had his own room before, and when faced with the reality that he would be sleeping alone, he broke down. Each night was filled with tantrums and crying, asking why he couldn’t sleep with his siblings like he used to…until dad thought that Crispin might be able to help.

The brilliant artist had the best idea, and it changed everything.

Crispin gathered her glow-in-the-dark painting supplies – all of which respond to black light – and got to work one Saturday. She set up drop cloths to protect the floor, plugged in her black light, and opened up a sturdy ladder to reach every bit of the ceiling. She even painted the ceiling light! When it was all finished, the child would have no idea until the lights were turned off.His parents decided to film the child’s reaction. At bedtime, the ceiling looked the same as before. There was nothing out of the ordinary, and as predicted, the distraught child began to express his frustration…until dad turned the lights off!

“What’s THAT?!” He exclaimed, and his frustrations over having his own room instantly vanished.

Ben was awestruck. Ben was excited. And best of all, Ben was no longer afraid to have his own room. His joy woke his siblings, who all came to see what the fuss was about. The child who hated bedtime now looked forward to it each night, and the internet fell in love with the idea.
He spent a long time turning the lights on and off, exploring every inch of the ceiling in wonder. “Bed time” wasn’t a scary phrase anymore, and finally, the little boy was able to fall asleep.

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