4-Year-Old Helps Direct Traffic After Dressing Up Like A Police Officer

Natasha Henderson was planning to watch Jake that day, but when he got dropped off at her house, she was amused to see that he’d decided to dress as a police officer. He was so excited to be a policeman that she wanted her husband to see Jake’s adorable uniform. While they were outside of her house, Officer Tyson spotted them from his patrol vehicle and pulled over.

Jake was excited to meet a real police officer, and when Officer Tyson told Jake that they were going to direct some traffic, the boy’s eyes lit up! They walked out to the middle of the intersection and began directing the traffic in the neighborhood!Jake’s birthday was coming up soon and was happy to receive the early birthday gift of being an officer for the day! He was so happy that he invited the officer to his birthday party a few weeks away.

They posed for this picture in front of the patrol vehicle and Jake couldn’t have been happier! He had no idea that dressing up as a policeman that day would lead to such an exciting start to his day. After being on traffic duty, Jake will have a crazy story to tell his friends!

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