35 Years Ago, Doctors Said He’d Never Have This Job. Now, He’s Retiring From It!

When Andrew MacEachern was born in 1960, doctors told his parents that a child with Down Syndrome would never learn to read or write, and that he would never fit in enough to hold down a job. But Andrew and his family didn’t believe the doctors, and at 20 years old, he found a job.

He worked as a delivery and stores clerk at Victoria General Hospital for 35 years, and now at the age of 55, he is retiring. It was a huge accomplishment, and his co-workers threw him a party!

I have a lots of friends here, I’ll miss everybody. I had a wonderful time here,” he said. “I’m going to miss this place very much.”

His co-workers say that they will miss him and his personality – even the little pranks he would play on them throughout the day! In fact, his employers were so grateful for his dedication, he’s been given an amazing retirement gift: a Caribbean cruise!

Andrew’s sister wants more employers to include people like her brother during the hiring process. A person’s perceived limitations shouldn’t keep them from living a happy and fulfilled life as a part of the community.

The party lasted nearly all day, and everyone came to wish him well before the day was over! Very soon, he’ll be enjoying this next step in his life that the doctors never thought he would achieve.

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