3-Year-Old Had The BEST Idea For A Birthday Party And Everyone Is Jealous

To a lot of parents, a stroll through Target is about as close to “free time” as they’re going to get, but it turns out that kids love Target too. At least, if you’re a three-year-old named Charlie, it is the best place in the whole wide world!

Emily Kern hoped that her daughter would choose a fun theme for the party. Kern enjoys baking cakes and was excited to try her hand at a more detailed cake, but Charlie insisted on a Target party. No matter how many ideas mom suggested, Charlie was adamant: “Target!”
They made a trip to Target once a week, and Charlie’s babysitter took her to the store sometimes as well. When Charlie was potty training, they didn’t use candies or treats…they used a trip to Target as an incentive to use the potty!

Kern had all of the foods that they normally found at Target. Pizza, hot dogs, popcorn, all in red & white colors lined the tables, and all of the decorations were well thought out.
They even asked for spare plastic bags and Target stickers from their local store!

Instead of goodie bags, Kern purchased dozens of small toys for the kids to “shop” for their own prizes!Over all, the adorable party was a success!

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