3-Year-Old Fighting Cancer Has His Dream Come TRUE When He Meets This Fireman!

His name is Trucker Dukes, and he is every bit as tough as his name sounds. At just 3-years-old, he is fighting for his life at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. With an uphill battle against Stage IV Neuroblastoma, he has never lost faith, and his mother supports him 100%.

Little Trucker’s family lives in Maui, Hawaii, but had to attend a hospital that specialized in his form of cancer to get the best treatment available. His mother stays with him during treatment, and travels with him back and forth to his home in Hawaii. His father and three older siblings work, live, and go to school in Maui…

His dad is a firefighter, and Trucker adores him. His dream was to meet a fireman just like his dad!

One day, Captain Jim Grismer was able to meet Trucker, and the two instantly had a connection. The two grew so close that Grismer’s fire station even threw Trucker a birthday party!

He is expected to be made an honorary firefighter by the city’s Fire Commissioner at a ceremony, and Trucker can’t wait! His mother says that he can’t wait to become a fireman, too.5.17a69This picture was taken at their first meeting. Grismer was overcome with emotion when all he did was walk into the room and open his arms…only to have Trucker jump up and give him one of the biggest hugs he had ever had. Trucker couldn’t have been more excited to see a firefighter, and seeing the fire house was a dream come true! Good luck, Trucker!

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