3 Signs You May Be Losing Your Hair

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When you talk about hair loss, what do you imagine? Probably a middle-aged man with receding hairline and a thick mustache. Although this a common notion for some, hair loss actually occurs to anyone regardless of age or gender.

The truth is that people are afraid to accept it until someone tells the awful truth. But before you let that day arrive, here are signs that will tell whether you’re on the path to losing your hair.

hair loss maleMale Baldness

Front hairline and forehead
Usually called the widow’s peak, these are the two obvious areas of which men need to be aware. These signs tell an early stage of hair loss where the hair in front gradually gets thinner and thinner. While you wouldn’t easily notice this in front of the mirror, you can take an old photo of yourself and spot the difference.

Gap in the middle
Comb your hair in the middle and part it on two equal sides to reveal your scalp. Do you notice some hair thinning at the top? This is another sign of hair loss. A gap in the middle is unfolding because the hair follicles in the area are slowly shrinking.

hair loss femaleFemale Baldness

Thinning hair
It’s very rare for women to have receding hairline unlike men, which is why the only sign of female hair loss is the gradual thinning of hair. This can happen all over the scalp, but it’s more obvious at the crown. The best way to detect this at an early stage is through frequent brushing. Take a look at the hair brush and check if it catches more hair than the usual. Another way is observing your hair as you shower. A clump of falling hair that has clogged the drain is a sign.

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