3 Men Traveled By Train TWICE With Only One Ticket! How They Did It? Genius!

Ready to laugh today? This story made me giggle because I know a few engineers, and this is totally something that they would do! Thinking outside of the box is a valuable tool that can get you very far in life…but sometimes, it might get you into trouble, too! Take these 6 men who tried to cheat the system. While they tried their hardest, 3 of them understood what it meant to be clever, and the rest of them, well…


Oops! It looks like these guys are just too smart for their own good. I know it’s just a story, but I can’t help wondering what happened to those poor accountants once theĀ realĀ conductor came by asking for tickets! Hopefully, they only needed to pay for the tickets they neglected to purchase in the first place! I’ve never been on a train before, so that procedure eludes me.

Would you have thought to do this? I applaud these guys for their clever tricks, but I think I would be too nervous to pull this off! They sure did take a large risk trying this out on those unsuspecting accountants, but it paid off in the end! Although if it failed, they would have probably figured out another way to get around having to purchase 3 tickets!

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