26-Year-Old Woman Shows What Depression Can Look Like With Shocking Before And After Pictures

Mental illness doesn’t just affect the way a person thinks or acts, it can also seep into many other areas of life. When it comes to household chores, depression can make it seem like an insurmountable task and is often left undone. For 26-year-old Jonna Roslund, this was no exception.

I suffer from severe depression and have a really hard time with cleaning and doing other kinds of household work.” She wrote in a viral post on Imgur.

Her room had been growing messier over the course of several months, but due to her depression, wasn’t able to take care of it. Trash piled in the corner, laundry slowly took over her bed, and the floor was barely visible. But she woke up one Friday morning and found that something had changed.


The photo on the left was taken to show what depression can look like, but the photo on the right was taken three days later, after Roslund was finally able to tackle the monumental chore.

…you can finally see that I have a floor! Say hi to my teddy Nalle on the bed! I know it’s not a big victory, but for me it means the world to just be able to have my door open if people come over. I feel so at peace right now.

Me: 1
Depression: 0!”

The pictures inspired others who suffered in the same way. So many people could relate to her struggles, and being able to talk about their struggles helps everyone to take steps to move forward in life. She posted the pictures hoping that the world might get a better idea of what depression is, and that having patience is one of the best things you can do for someone who struggles to simply get out of bed each day.


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