25-Year-Old Plumper Is Going Viral For The “Too Real” Sticker On The Side Of His Truck!

Nick Huckson is a plumber in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, and he knows more than a little about successful marketing. He learned the trade from his grandfather, who created the original logo in the 1960’s. He wanted to honor the history of The Sault’s Plumber, but he needed to do something that would make people remember him.8.31a4

I just wanted something where, when people see my truck, they automatically have to read the rest of my truck. It was something that was burnt into their minds.”8.31a5Yeah, that’s burned into my mind, for sure.

He knows that some people may find this literal “toilet humor” offensive, the majority of the locals in his area seem to love it. He has gotten dozens of new customers since he began driving the truck around town and reports that his phone has been ringing constantly.

The only downside to this logo? He’s always got to wear a green shirt!

Many people are chiming in that this joke has been around for ages. Plumbers have been painting images similar to this for decades…but we think that doesn’t take away from this hilarious young man’s quest to expand his family’s business. And hey, if he’s gone viral, it means that its working! This guy is too funny!


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