25 Hilarious Things Moms Have Said While Yelling At Their Kids! Did Your Mom Ever Say These To You?!

Do you remember how your parents scolded you when you were younger? My grandparents used to talk about “getting a switch” when they were naughty, and my parents talked about “going to bed without supper” when they would get into trouble, but when I think about how I was disciplined, there was a whole lot of “no, you can’t watch TV, go outside, you’re grounded.” What? When I was a kid, I guess I wasn’t like most other children who would be happy to serve their “grounded” time outdoors…but I don’t remember her ever saying THESE. Do you?

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Oh, wait, there it is! #19 was definitely written by my mother! It didn’t matter how cold (or how NOT cold) it was outside, she would always toss several jackets and blankets into the car whenever we were leaving the house! She just knew¬†we would be cold. 99.9% of the time, the jackets stayed in the car…but for that 0.1% of the time, we sure were glad that mom had over-prepared for the day’s adventures! What little “words of wisdom” did your mom say to you while you were growing up? These were pretty funny!

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