She Told Her Boyfriend That He Could Be In Charge Of Their New Shower Curtain. She Did NOT Expect This.

There are entire websites dedicated to choosing the “perfect” accessories for every room in your home. Hundreds of furniture stores dot the cities with promises to make your home “unique” and “chic.” Well, when one woman told her boyfriend that he could be in charge of decorating their bathroom…this wasn’t quite what she had in mind!

He had been given the chance to pick their shower curtain – a staple in bathroom design – so that the entire room might be a fun and relaxing space…

Instead, he ordered this:Now, whenever she wants to shower or use the toilet, she’ll be greeted by the curious gaze of Jeff Goldblum…just sort of…”judging.” She may have regretted her choice to hand off the decorating to her boyfriend, but it’s not that bad of a picture, really. Who wouldn’t want to see Jeff Goldblum in the morning, right?!

Maybe not his furry companion at the bottom there, but he’s not the worst thing to grace a shower curtain. Jeff Goldblum’s bespectacled gaze is definitely better than a crime scene themed bathroom!

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