24 Hours After An Earthquake In Italy, Rescue Workers Pulled A Dog Out Of The Rubble

This dog was buried alive after a magnitude-6.6 earthquake struck one Sunday morning in Italy. 20 people were injured, but while rescuers had brought a dog to sniff out any people trapped in the rubble of fallen buildings, they didn’t expect to find a dog that had been buried as well. The damage was extensive, and much of the town was destroyed.

But incredibly, no one was killed in the aftermath. The area had experienced frequent tremors, causing most of the population to flea over the two months before the large quake. The buildings and homes’ foundations had been weakened after the tremors, and by the time the largest quake hit, many were damaged beyond repair. 11-2a9But even after all of the devastation and potential for disaster, this little dog had managed to survive over 24 hours until he was found. The dog was completely buried in rocks, stone, dirt, and debris. As workers began to dig, they unearthed a small paw, thinking that the dog couldn’t possibly be alive…miraculously, they uncovered his head, and realized that he was still breathing. He had possibly wedged his nose between a few large rocks that kept the dirt out of his airways. He was given water (which he lapped up quickly) and a lot of love before being taken to an animal rescue center.11-2a10The dog did not have a collar or microchip, but they are certain that they will be able to find the dog’s owners soon.


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