23-Year-Old Beat Her Addiction To Fast Food And Lost 170 LBS. “I Would Keep Eating Until I Passed Out.”

It wasn’t just food, it was fast-food, specifically. A snack was a large fry and three or four McDonald’s hamburgers which she could consume almost every day. Her addiction eventually became so bad that all of her disposable income was being spent at the drive-thru. At her very worst, it wasn’t unusual for Blaire Haney to eat bacon, eggs, and potatoes for breakfast, two pizzas for lunch, fries and burgers as a snack before dinner, family-sized bags of chips, and finally, whatever her mother had prepared for dinner at home.

Eventually, she came to the horrifying realization that she was suffering from an eating disorder, not simply being obese.

People have a light bulb that goes off to say they’re full – but I don’t have that. I would just keep eating and eating until I passed out.”7.27a8

She knew that she needed to beat her addiction if she ever wanted to be healthy and live a normal life. She confessed her binging habits once to her parents, but at 18, she dropped out of college and entered a rehabilitation center. For 60 days, she underwent intense therapy and supervised eating schedules with professionals. She lost 30 pounds in 60 days, but soon after leaving, she relapsed.

Therapy wasn’t working.

A doctor suggested gastric bypass surgery along with continued therapy to try and stop Blaire’s eating habits for good. She knew that this surgery was her last option. 7.27a9

With the help of professionals, she focused on eating healthier diets and portion control. High protein foods and operations to remove loose skin have given Blaire her life back.7.27a10

It took everything that she had to succeed, but now that she has, she can’t see herself ever going back to how things used to be. She feels like a new woman and wants her story to encourage others who may be going through similar struggles.

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