22 Things That ALL Men Do…According To Women!

There will always be differences between men and women, and while these 22 things might not actually apply to all men, these points come pretty close! Maybe it’s the general attitude towards life, but I found this list to be scarily accurate! I can admit that all of the guys in my life have done these things on a regular basis…I just never really noticed until they were all pointed out! These are funny!

1. When hugging another man, clapping them on the back twice.

2. Lowering his voice by an octave when talking to his dad on the phone.

3. When you ask him a question and he can’t decide whether he should answer with a lie, he’ll say “what?” to buy more time.

4. Conversely, raising his voice by an octave when trying to sound polite or empathetic.

5. Bonding with other guys by hating each other’s interests.

6. Grimacing while he struggles to pull his wallet from his back pocket while sitting down.

7. Not washing his bed sheets for long periods of time. Like, months.

8. Taking SO LONG to poop. What’s going in there? Did you fall in?

9. Taking his shirt off by pulling the neck hole over his head.

10. The pants slap. Slapping his pockets before he leaves the house to ensure his wallet and phone are there.

11. Keeping large amounts of change around his room in some form. Usually in a container or scattered around the floor.

12. Asking how long they need to put something in the microwave.

13. They all like turtles and dinosaurs. When asked why, answer “because they’re cool.”

14. Liking sports teams and musicians. They’ll almost beat each other up over how bad the other team’s players are, but afterward they want to see each other again and are weirdly satisfied.

15. Making weird faces while playing video games, especially when stuck or rapid firing.

16. Peeing on the sides of the toilet so it makes less noise.

17. Being able to sit in the same place and not talk.

18. The condiment slam. They don’t simply set the nearly empty ketchup bottle on its lid for a gravity assist. Instead, they’ll slam it against the counter like it just insulted their mother.

19. Deny that they’ve fallen asleep when I’ve caught them randomly napping during the day. I mean like hardcore angry denial, “I was not sleeping!” Really? You snore while wide awake?

20. When they don’t know each other but are thrown into a social situation together (like a double date), they instantly become besties and have a sort of secret bro-handshake every guy seems to know.

21. Not drying their back off during a shower. Does it not get washed? Why would you put a shirt on without drying your back? WHY?

22. Whenever you hold open the door for a man, they feel the compulsive need to touch it while walking through. Seriously, pay attention next time, I’ve never had this not happen.

Dinosaurs are cool, and guys hate to be called out when you catch them dozing during a movie or television show. Why is that? Was there a secret guy meeting where they all agreed to do these things? Now all we need is a list for the women and we’ll be set. Hilarious! Do you have some traits you’d like to add to this list? FUNNY! 

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