21-Year-Old Cat Was Scheduled To Be Put Down Until One Kind Soul Stepped In!

Priscilla was practically ancient in cat-years. At 21 years old, the Persian kitty was surrendered to the shelter with a strange request. The people who gave her up wanted her to be euthanized. Normally, that is exactly what would happen as the shelter was no longer able to accept cats for the year…but there was just something about this cat that made employees pause.

They reached out to a couple that they had worked with before and asked if they would be interested in meeting the cat that was two decades old. Karyn, the woman who runs a cat sanctuary for aging, disabled cats that need extra love and care. The cats she usually works with are rarely ever adopted…and this senior cat’s lovable face was too much to turn away. Priscilla doesn’t have many teeth left, and when she ‘meows’ to communicate with her new humans, she does so as loudly as possible.

For a 21-year-old cat, she is in surprisingly good health. They don’t know her history, but her previous owner must have kept her well cared for. She prefers to spend her time alone, but doesn’t mind being around other cats.
They expect her to live on for a while longer, and are glad to give her a comfortable home to spend the rest of her life in!

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