200 People Attend Veteran’s Funeral. She Had No Known Relatives, But They Wanted To Show Respect.

A formerly homeless veteran of WWII was about to have a funeral, but only four people expected to arrive. Serina Vine was a graduate of the University of California and served in the Navy from 1944 to 1946 in radio intelligence. She spoke 3 languages.

But after the war, things just never worked out for her. She never married or had any children, and was homeless until she was able to come to the VA hospital in Washington DC 20 years prior.

When she passed at age 91, Ms. Veteran America pleaded with Facebook to see if anyone would be able to attend the funeral on a Tuesday morning.

To their surprise, over 200 people turned up to pay their respects. Army Maj. Jaspen Boothe, president of the non-profit Final Salute Inc. kisses the coffin in respect Рas they had both been homeless. Boothe understood the struggle that Vine had been through, although the two had never met in life. 

Each person who arrived at the funeral was shocked to see so many others. Everyone thought, “well, I will probably be the only person there, but I need to go.” Their compassion lead to a truly impressive funeral.

Vine’s original discharge and service papers have gone missing, so there is no longer an official record of what her duties were in the Navy.

She was laid to rest at the Quantico National Cemetery with full military honors, including a 21-gun salute that had nearly everyone in tears.

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