20-Year-Old Cat Left In Shelter Cage For Entire Month. When She Found Out?! She Couldn’t Stand It!

When Chloe came to the shelter, volunteers knew that it would be a long shot for her to be adopted. In the overcrowded shelter, they were forced to keep her in a crate, and she ended up staying that way for over a month until one woman heard about the elderly cat. Chloe’s original owner could no longer care for her and hoped for the best by sending her to the shelter.

Unfortunately, for super senior cats, they usually succumb to diseases, infections, and cramped conditions as shelters end up keeping them longer than younger, healthier cats.

Karyn Poplin, the founder of Kitty Adventure Rescue League and Sanctuary knew that Chloe deserved a better ending to her life.
The ancient cat had lazy eyes and was not likely to be picked up by anyone looking to adopted.

No animal deserves to die alone, scared in a shelter – and seniors are our way of helping.” Karyn said.

She reports that while Chloe may be 20 years old, she still has a lot of energy. Being cooped up in that little crate for a month may have slowed her down temporarily, but now, she’ll live a full and happy life until her time comes!

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