20 PhD Students Put Their Thesis In Layman’s Terms. The REAL Purpose Of Their Work Is Hilarious!

Have you taken that extra step to get your PhD? It is no picnic, and the amount of work, research, and studying that goes into achieving this accomplishment is enough to deter most people. It takes a dedicated person to be able to work so hard for something, and the thought of trying to do this myself is enough to give me a headache! When I stumbled across this list, I couldn’t stop laughing! It was like hearing my friends talk about¬†their¬†thesis topics, and these are just plain outrageous!


My favorite explanation is #11: “There are amoebas living in volcanoes, but I never captured Bigfoot on film (I tried).” Seriously? I can’t even begin to imagine what the reason was behind this thesis choice! Did you write a thesis for your PhD? What would it sound like if you tried to explain it to someone who wasn’t familiar at all with your field? Would it be as ridiculous as some of these turned out to be? I’m sure that they were very technical, and they probably made a lot more sense than these one and two sentence summaries. Either way, this list made me laugh!

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