20 Of The Most Cringe-Worthy Feelings That Don’t Actually Cause You Pain.

Being human can open the door to hundreds of thousands of experiences that can make our everyday lives really, really great or really, really awful. You might not be able to pinpoint them when they happen, but I guarantee you that reading through this list, you can relate to every single one of them. And you could probably add a few of your own to the list, too! I bet you have had these disgusting experiences also. Oof. Just reading this list gives me the shivers!

1. When seaweed grazes your feet or legs in the ocean: “Guess I’m dying now.”

2. Your thighs sticking to the seat on a hot day.

3. Trying to put on clean clothes after a shower in a hot and humid room.

4. Randomly crunching down on a couple of grains of sand while eating.

5. When you think there is one more step, and you stomp the ground like it owes you money.

6. Or when you’re sleeping and think you’re falling but wake up and realize you’re not.

7. Nausea. I’d rather be in pain than nauseous.

8. Stepping on a wet floor while wearing socks.

9. Walking through an unseen spider web.

10. That feeling you get when you suddenly realize that you left your phone/wallet in a public establishment…over an hour ago!

11. Hiccups lasting more than an hour.

12. When you really need to sneeze but can’t.

13. That cold shivery chill feeling – every hair standing on edge – that comes immediately before a massive surge of diarrhea.

14. Your hand reaching through the disgusting cold sink water to reach the drain after its been sitting for a couple of hours because you forgot to drain it.

15. Biting down a little too hard and accidentally dragging your teeth against each other. Like nails on a chalkboard but in your mouth.

16. Pulling styrofoam liner out of a cardboard box.

17. Having one of your ears unable to pop from a cold. You are now deaf in one ear and it’s infuriating.

18. Picking up something that turns out to be sticky (honey and jam are the worst) and you wash your hands but you still feel sticky.

19. Erasing with a #2 pencil when suddenly the metal scrapes the paper.

20. When you think someone waves at you so you wave at them and they were actually waving at the person behind you.

Eek! Do you have any that you would like to add?! Picking up wet hair out of the bathroom drain, biting something hard in soft food, and stepping on a bug are definitely my least favorite feelings. Excuse me while I get chills down my spine. Ugh!

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