2-Year-Old Takes The Mike And Sings The Cutest National Anthem Yet!

For a lot of people, it’s a true honor to sing The Star-Spangled Banner in front of a big crowd. Many artists have tried to put their own renditions just to stamp an unforgettable performance. But Trent Harris doesn’t know this yet; he’s only 2 years old. One thing he’ll remember, though, is the crowd’s standing ovation.

Trent’s very first performance of the national anthem is during a varsity basketball game in New Jersey. His father, Clark Harris of the Cincinnati Bengals, records his son and shares the little boy’s very cute video. Check him out in his blue suit and fancy shirt–he’ll surely give big time performers a run for their money.

Proud of “SuperTrentendo”, Trent’s parents tweeted how happy they are to watch their son perform. Who would have imagined at the age of 2, he has already remembered the words. You can definitely put this video to the list of the most memorable national anthem performances.

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