2 Kids Met In A Playground…And Changed Each Other’s Lives FOREVER! Incredible!

The tendency to be selfish is something that every kid has to learn to control. Teaching our kids to share with others and not always assume that everything is “mine!” can be a difficult challenge, but sometimes it is a little easier than we think! The best way to teach them is by example, and eventually, they will learn to be kind to others just by watching the adults and older children in their lives. In the case of these two little boys, someone taught them this valuable lesson very early! So touching!


They both recognized that they wanted something they would never be able to have. It’s a harsh reality that they had to learn to live with, but this little orphan realized that he had a gift that he could give to the little crippled boy. It wouldn’t cost him anything, and it would give the little crippled boy a chance to experience something he could never do on his own.

His selfless act was amazing, and you can do something to continue the gesture! Smile at someone today! Hold the door open for a stranger. A little effort can go a long way, and this story made my afternoon so much brighter!

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