2 Easy Ways To DIY New Coasters! They’re So Cool, Guests Will WANT To Use Them!

When the weather heats up, furniture gets ruined. Never on purpose, of course, but it happens much too often! We drink more beverages filled to the brim with ice and chilled juices which makes cups and glasses sweat, leaving rings and water damage on coffee tables and counters. Trying to protect our surfaces can get tricky when you have a lot of guests over, but if you can get them to use coasters, your furniture will stay safe!

Here are two super simple DIY coasters that will look good and keep those drinks from ruining your tables!

4.28a14Cut out the rough shape of a circle in a piece of foam. This will keep your coaster from slipping on the table. (It doesn’t have to be perfect!)4.28a15Use a bit of hot glue to get the coil started.4.28a16Add hot glue and wrap the rope around itself, keeping it pressed tightly together until the glue dries (about 15 seconds).4.28a17Cut off the excess blue from the bottom, and you’re ready to go! These absorb liquid and are easy to make!4.28a18Want something a little more complicated? Use some old scrabble letters to create unique coasters!


Glue the pieces down onto corkboard using E-6000 glue (or hot glue, if you want). Place the letters to make four or five letter words for a unique spin on a boring old coaster!

4.28a20Cut off any excess cork with scissors or an X-acto knife.4.28a21Seal the letters in place with a Clear Polyurethane spray and let it all dry overnight! Beautiful!4.28a22These are simple, cute, and best of all, they will keep your surfaces free of that pesky water! Plus, they are just so fun to make!

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