18-Year-Old Designs And Stitches Dresses Straight Out Of Fairy Tales!

Angela Clayton began to sew when she was only 14. She lives in Long Island, New York, and says that she first became curious about creating costumes when she discovered “cosplay,” or creating an outfit to look like a fictional character. Costumes were expensive, so she decided to try and create one herself. She didn’t let her lack of sewing or embroidery skills stop her. No matter how complicated, detailed, or difficult a project may be, she tackled it as well as she could, learning new things along the way.11-3a6She is entirely self-taught. This means that as often as she succeeded, she failed, trying and re-trying until things turned out perfectly. Beading, sewing, stitching, and embroidering her way through historical gowns and headdresses, she never gave up, even when things didn’t turn out exactly as she may have planned.11-3a7In the beginning, she thought it would be “easy.” Now, she realizes how much work goes into a single costume, and how the small details affect the overall look.11-3a8While she enjoyed recreating gowns from existing characters, she found herself having the most fun when she was creating original designs. She focuses more on elaborate gowns and headpieces that she imagines herself, drawing inspiration from history.11-3a9While she hopes to make a career out of her craft, she isn’t too sure what sort of job she hopes to get. For now, she is focusing in improving her skills, creating fantastic pieces, and sharing her ideas with the world. You can see more of her work here!


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