16-Year-Old Inventor Helps Disabled Mom Take Her Baby For A Walk With Genius Attachment!

Alden Kane was only 16 years old when he started working on a project that would change the life of a disabled, expectant mother. Shereen Jones had been shot in the spine when she was just 5 years old and lost the ability to walk or use her legs at all. Now that she was pregnant with her first child, she was distraught and wondered how she would ever handle a stroller while bound to her wheelchair. She reached out to the University of Detroit Jesuit High School’s special design class, and they paired the two to work on the project together.8.30a1

Alden was able to work with the University of Detroit Mercy engineering department and nursing department to design the prototype and build the final structure. He was determined to create something perfect because Shereen’s due date was approaching fast. She wanted to be able to use it a week after giving birth.

He designed the attachment to fit any wheelchair and hold any car seat firmly. Shereen was thrilled with the device as it gave her the freedom to bring her newborn with her wherever she went. He tested it extensively to be sure that it was safe and reliable – after all, she would be trusting it to carry her infant!8.30a2

Alden has already started drafting new designs for his next attachment and thinks that he can improve on the design even further. He was inspired to continue creating functional and simple-to-use attachment for wheelchairs, and he isn’t going to stop anytime soon.


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