16 Year Old Builds Tiny Home…What’s Your Excuse?

Meet Austin Hay, a high school student, who is on the way to building his own house. The 16 year-old is a part of what is called the Tiny House Movement. He is creating a 130-square feet home and is looking forward to taking his house out to college and wherever else he goes after he finishes school.

According to Austin, bigger is not always better, and living in this manner gives him less chores and less bills. The biggest advantage to his thrust is he does not have to worry about any mortgage and camp out wherever he pleases. He also takes pride in the lesser trash his construction produces compared to a regular one.

The skills he uses to attend to his house, he learned from wood shop class during freshman year. This boy goes to show you there is truly nothing you can’t do in this world only if you give it a go! At 16, Austin is keeping busy building a home for himself. What have you been up to today?

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