16 Pictures That The Internet Still Can’t Believe ACTUALLY Happened!

Random, hilarious things happen in life all of the time, and if you were to try and tell the story at dinner, most everyone at the table would probably think that you were exaggerating the facts! There have been plenty of times where I thought to myself, “I should have taken a picture of that!” But I couldn’t because it either happened too fast or I forgot about it until after the fact. Maybe in the future we will be able to record our entire lives, but for now, these lucky pictures will have to do!

Alright, well this one is believable. But his look of complete disappointment in that seagull makes this whole situation so much funnier.


This is definitely a once in a lifetime experience! What an incredible shot!


WOW! This is amazing. What are the chances of this?!


“Honey, the stork just dropped off a baby!”


“The president pointed at my sleeping kid at a banquet the other day.”

“No, he didn’t, you’re lying.”

“Oh, yeah? Look at this AWESOME picture!!”


Vladimir Putin is concentrating so hard in this meeting, he just had to take some notes! …what’s so important? Let’s zoom in on those “notes.”


“What ball?”


“I’d like order some pants, please.”


He thought he had beaten the system! This is why you should keep a close eye on your kids! They just lack a certain sense of…logic. He learned a valuable lesson that day!


This banana has undergone some kind of terrifying mutation!


A little baby possum broke into a bakery for a midnight snack…but he ate too much to escape again! This food coma is too real!


According to the original poster, these sweaters were knitted by Australia’s oldest man. At 109 years old, he knits teeny tiny sweaters for penguins. Hey, everyone needs a hobby!

Penguin sweaters

A movie theater in China put up these posters announcing Thor: The Dark World, but instead named it “Thor 2.” They also managed to make a bigger mistake on this poster…they used a picture that a fan made instead of the original! How could they have let such a huge mistake slip through to printing?!


There’s been a glitch in the matrix! Run!


Cut and paste…in real life! This is a crazy coincidence!


And last but not least…I know, it’s not a picture, but it made me laugh so hard! I don’t know if it’s the fact that someone sat down and made an account for a bagel, or if it’s that they took the time to put sunglasses on a bagel and fight for their twitter account…too funny!


In case you were wondering, the bagel is now a successful social media star with 40k followers and a clothing line. The internet is a beautiful place.

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