15 Product Secrets No One Wants You To Know

Here’s 15 product secrets you need to know now! We’ve found some crazy and some cool life hacks. After reading this you won’t believe you have been living life without these secrets! Use these hacks to save money or simply make life easier!

1. You only need one alka-seltzer.
“In the 60’s a marketing director told the company producing alka-seltzer that he could double their sales. He did this with the now iconic phrase plop plop fizz fizz in a jingle. Till that time they had only recommended a dose of one, and this jingle was about re-branding it as a pack of two. They did in fact nearly double in market size very shortly after releasing this jingle, mostly attributable to people now taking two at a time. It marks the beginning of larger serving sizes to increase sales.” – Techniforus (Reddit)

2. Oreos are a knockoff!
Hydrox cookies look exactly the same as Oreos, and they even came first! In most cases the knockoffs aren’t as good as the original…but not in this case! Oreos are obviously the more popular cookie! One more Oreo fact…Double Stuff Oreos actually only have 1.86 times the filling!

3. Control the duck in Duck Hunt!
IGN Cheats said, “For a greater challenge, have a second player use controller two to control the ducks. This works only when one duck is on the screen.”

4. Neutrogena Facial Soap

This gets out every stain, and works like magic! Reddit user, uhuhshesaid, discovered this amazing hack. She wrote, “I figured this out when I was 14 because, as you likely know, periods and ‘accidents’ due to periods happen a lot during this age range. To not embarrass myself in a house full of men, I’d try to get the stains out before putting my underwear in the laundry. The facial soap worked wonders (way better than the ‘just wash with cold water method). It got me wondering what other sort of nonsense it could get rid of. I gathered a number of different fabrics and smeared motor oil, lipstick, marker, juice and soy sauce on them, and let the Neutrogena sit on them for a while. I swear to sweet jebus, the results were amazing and worked way better than most of the laundry products in my house.”

Find the product here!

5. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers
Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 1.39.06 PM
Don’t spend more just for the brand name! These magic erasers are simply melamine sponges. Off of Amazon you can order one hundred of these for under 7 dollars! At this price you could buy about 5 Mr Clean Magic Erasers.

Melamine Sponges here!

6. Baby Onesie Hack!
Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 1.39.52 PM
Onesies are actually made to come off pulling down instead of over the head! Reddit user Poobaby stated, “The reason baby onesies have the unique “foldover” oval-type opening at the head is because it is very stretchy and easily goes over the baby’s entire body. Meaning, when the baby poops so much it goes out the diaper and up their back, instead of pulling the onesie UP and over their head and spreading the poop in their hair, you pull the onesie DOWN scraping the poop off their back and taking off the onesie over the diaper.” image

7. Post-It Note Accident

What started out as a 3M project to make a super strong adhesive, ended in failure. This failure is now known as Post-It Notes.

8. Don’t Eat The Play Doh
Play-Doh hasn’t always been something you play with! Play-Doh was originally sold as wallpaper cleaner in the 1930’s until some teachers started using it in their classrooms as modeling clay and it eventually became rebranded as a toy in 1950’s.

9. Gum In Hair, No Problem!

Got gum stuck in your hair? Peanut butter is your solution! All you have to do is put peanut butter on the parts of your hair that holds the gum. Use a toothbrush or comb and brush with downward strokes. As the peanut butter breaks the gum down it will start to come out! Use a paper towel to wipe out the remaining gum, and then was your hair!

10. What Side Is The Gas Tank On?!
Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 1.07.44 PM

Never ask this question again! There’s usually an arrow next to the gas symbol in your car dashboard. It points to what side your tank is on. This can come in handy when you’re driving some one else’s car and you want to top off the tank for them!

11. Stapler Hack

Your stapler has two different settings: one to keep your papers bound tightly together, and one to keep them loosely attached so they can be detached more easily. To activate the “loose” setting, push and rotate the little metal plate on the bottom of the stapler! There’s many times I wish I would have known this while using a stapler!

12. Un-Childproof Pill Bottles! 

If you don’t have kids in the house then child-proof pill bottles can get pretty annoying. Turn the pill bottle cap upside down to un-childproof  the bottle! Cause we all know that child proof pretty much means adult proof too!

13. “Faker” Instant Oatmeal

“The “strawberries” and “peaches” in Quaker Instant Oatmeal are actually flavored dehydrated apples. The “blueberries” are flavored dried figs.” – Reddit user marionbobarion

14. Straw Holder

After opening, turn the soda can tab 180 degrees. Use it to hold your straw!

15. Clean Stove

Clean your stove thoroughly and easily! Simply lift up the top of your stove. –image

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