15 Hilarious Tweets That PERFECTLY Describe What It’s Like To Be A Parent!!

If you’ve ever been around young kids, you have either lived through some of these, or can imagine exactly what’s happening based on your own experiences. If you haven’t been around kids, or maybe don’t remember what it was like to be one, here is an accurate depiction of what parenthood is. It really is a wild ride…but you know, even with all of the stress and chaos, I still wouldn’t give it up for anything! Even though I sometimes want to pull my hair out when everyone in the house gets the stomach flu at the same time, there’s a sense of accomplishment once you live through it unscathed. Do you think these are spot-on, or do you think they need a bit more explanation?


Yes. Yes to all of this. What is it about kids that makes them think that clothing is THE WORST invention ever? I get that you want to be free and roll around in the dirt and smear peanut butter into your hair, but it’s just not okay. I’m sorry, it’s just not.


I’ve been there! Yes, it’s time for dinner. No, you cannot eat a bowl full of marshmallows. Now please eat these potatoes! They don’t even have any vegetables on the plate. No, the chicken is not touching the rice. Oh, goodness.


HA! Basically.


You know that’s true. I’m sorry that you can’t play outside in the rain. No, I was not born with the power to stop the rain from falling. Yes, I mean it.


It’s like suddenly, as long as I have semi-regular meals and get to sleep sometimes, it doesn’t matter that my socks don’t match or that I only use crazy straws for my drinks now. Anybody?


Or that they have to have a specific colored poster board to bring to class…tomorrow…oh, and it’s 8:45pm, “but I need it or I’ll get points taken off!” I suppose it’s my fault for not emptying their backpacks every night!


Kids. How do you even reply to something like this? I might laugh if I wasn’t angry.


You know what else might help? Having the tooth fairy wait until their rooms are clean. That helps, too!


Seriously, where did they learn this? I can’t wait until I can start giving mine some real chores.


We don’t need to try and cool off the entire neighborhood, kids! It just doesn’t work like that.


This is so clever…I’m going to try it! I’m tired of saying “you did? Let me see them!” Contrary to popular belief, I don’t want to smell your breath.


Every. Single. Holiday.


It’s like they have a sixth sense!


They think that they know everything there is to know! My husband is the one who thinks of clever things like this. Too funny!


Hey, if it works.

These are perfect! I can’t believe how accurately these tweets portrayed kids! I don’t think I would remember to tweet out the funny things that happen in my house, but I’m glad these people did!

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