15 Babies That Didn’t Understand What A “Photo Shoot” Meant! These Hysterical Moments Were Captured FOREVER!

I will be the first one to admit that sometimes, kids just do not want to cooperate when the camera comes out. It feels like they have some kind of 6th sense that tells them to save all of their anger and frustration for this exact moment. Does it matter that only minutes ago they were adorable and in the best moods of their lives? No, no it does not. And so I present to you…these kids that just don’t understand cameras!


“No, mom! I do NOT want to laugh at that balloon animal! I want to go HOME!” This cute little bundle of joy just wasn’t having any of it today!


“I heard a noise! It came from over there!” Is it just me, or does this baby look like he’s about to sneeze?


I have no explanation for this one. Baby, what are you doing?! She looks so angry! Quick, someone get some cheerios!


Is it a special holiday? Is mom trying to show off this super cute outfit? Is the sun in just the right position? Perfect. Time to make a face at that cloud!


She is so grumpy! And…she might be trying to pass some gas? This is the funniest picture, to me. The giant flower on the center of her forehead like some kind of old-timey helmet light just kills me!


Guess what? Babies pooped in the 1940s, too! What a great memory to laugh about at his graduation celebration…and his wedding…and pretty much every family event afterwards!


“Alright, everybody! We’re going to try something cute! Mom, dad, kiss your precious baby on the cheeks! Wait, baby, no, don’t be scared! Oh, well…” *snap!*


She will wear your dresses and she will hold your fake flowers…but she will NOT be happy about it! Not one single bit! Someone missed nap time…


“But mom, I’m too big to fit into this wagon! Can I at least have some pants?!” He looks absolutely terrified! Someone give this little guy a hug!

I don’t know what she’s looking at…but I want one! This is the cutest face EVER!


Quick, get out of the way! She is NOT having your sass today, camera man! This is too perfect. The dress, the cardigan, the giant bow…it’s adorable! This little lady is ready to take over the world!


Mom just wanted a themed picture! She wanted it to feel like “a day at the beach,” but the results? Too funny! I hope they kept this picture on their mantle for YEARS!


Oops! Looks like someone needs a diaper change! Couldn’t the photographer have waited just a minute or two for this little guy to finish his “business?” No? Well, then.


And finally, the picture that all of us parents can relate to…stop peeing on me! I love you, you’re such a great baby, but it would be really nice if you could pee while your diaper is still on and not while I’m in the middle of changing it! Lucky for this mom, she now has this moment documented in time forever! Too funny!

Do you have hilarious baby pictures? Did you kids take some hilarious baby pictures? Unfortunately, my parents were able to capture any “special” moments like this for me, but I have quite a few of my kids! Yes, kids, these are staying on the wall in the hallway until you move out. Yes, they will probably stay there for much longer, if we’re being honest. I’m sorry, but this is what kids are! It’s impossible for a baby to ruin a photograph – these are the most “real” pictures out there! I love them!

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