147-Year-Old Handmade Wedding Dress FOUND After Woman’s Plea On Facebook Goes Viral!

When Tess Newall first wrote this plea on Facebook begging strangers for help, no one was sure that it would work. According to Newall, Kleen Cleaners had been in charge of cleaning her wedding dress but went into liquidation before it was finished. When they went to pick the dress up, they found that the shop had been closed and no one was allowed in.

The original owners of the shop locked the doors and told Newall that the dress wasn’t there. Without anyone to unlock the doors and search, there was no way to be sure. Newall assumed that the dress had been sold as the old owners sent her a letter in the mail stating¬†that everything in the shop had been “disposed of”…

But the landlord¬†of the shop stumbled across her post on Facebook after it had been shared over 300,000 times and recognized the property! He went down to the shop and found a “crumpled piece of antique lace on the floor.” He recognized the dress from the photo she had shared and immediately got into contact with Newall and her family!

Unfortunately, it didn’t end there. A representative from the old owners suddenly appeared (after ignoring the family’s calls for weeks) to say that from “procedural reasons” he needed to take the dress back to his office in Glasgow, but assured that the dress would be shipped back to the family the next week.

Since then, the Newall family have worked with the landlord to return two other dresses to women in the same exact situation! She finally received her dress and is thankful that the story had a happy ending after all.

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