14-Year-Old Boy Arrested After Dancing The Macarena At A Stoplight

A 14-year-old boy thought that it would be fun to go out to a busy street and dance the macarena. He put on his headphones, turned up the music, and danced his little heart out as soon as the cars were stopped to wait out a red light. He boogied and shuffled, following the steps that everyone has danced countless times at weddings and celebrations…only to be met with handcuffs!In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, officials claimed that the Western dance was not traditional and disturbed the peace with his “improper public behavior.”

The boy’s name hasn’t been released, but the people sharing the original video claim that charges hadn’t been filed at the time.

While they wait for news, people are sharing his pictures in the hopes that someone will listen and let him go. They wouldn’t have been brave or confident enough to dance in public when they were his age, they said, and the world needs heroes like this boy to keep people grounded.

If they can’t dance around, what’s the point of living, they asked.

Macarena Boy has gone viral, and hopefully, he gets out without too much trouble.

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