14 Weeks After Her Son Was Born One Car Drive Changed Her Life Forever

Even from the most tragic moment of her life, Kellie Haddock still recalls the heroes who saved her son’s life. Now she’s out on a humble journey to thank each one of them.

Back in 2004, Kellie, her husband A.J., and their little boy Eli were victims of a horrific car accident along a Florida highway. Unfortunately, A.J. died instantly because of the impact, while their son suffered a brain injury. Kellie had injuries of her own, and right after the crash, the mom and child were treated in a local hospital.

The condition of Eli was looming, and it seemed as if he wouldn’t make it. However, the medical staff at the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children fought for the little’s boy life. Finally, he survived.

This video courtesy of The Thank You Project is how Kellie wants to show her gratitude. The thankful mother visited every doctor, nurse, and medic that attended to her son. While shooting her documentary, she mentioned: “There was a team of heroes that helped saved my son’s life. And ever since then, I’ve dreamed of finding them and going back and thanking them.”

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