14 Things You Can Do With Your Apple EarPods! I Bet You Didn’t Know About The Last Ones!

If you use these EarPods from Apple, you may or may not be aware of that tiny little “remote” that hangs just below the right bud. Obviously, it controls the volume…but did you realize that you can basically control your entire phone with specific clicks of that little button?! Probably not! If you haven’t realized it, here are some really great features that you can save time and effort by just remembering these simple tricks!


Volume Control

This is an obvious one! See the + and – on the ends there? Control the audio of your earphones by pressing those buttons instead of having to stop what you are doing, look at your phone, and control the volume that way. Super convenient if you’re out and about or your hands are full!


There’s a flat spot between the + and – that looks like empty space. Guess what? It’s not! If you click this empty space, your audio or video will start playing, or pause any audio or video. This is really handy when you need to listen to an overhead announcement in the store or pause your music for a few seconds to say hello to someone!

Fast Forward

Yes! How cool is this? Need to get to that one part of a song really quickly? Press that middle space button twice and hold it down on the second press. You might need to practice this, but it’s really convenient! To stop fast forward, just release the button.


Similar to fast forward, the rewind feature can be accessed by clicking that flat middle button three times and holding it down on the third click. When you release your hold, the music or audio or video will resume playing.

Skip Forward

If you’re listening to an album and want to skip ahead to the next song, click that flat middle button twice. The next song in the queue will start playing!

Skip Backward

Want to replay that song but it just finished? Click the middle button three times fast to go back one track.

Take Pictures

While the iOS’s Camera app is open, you can take a photo by pressing the + button to activate the shutter! You don’t need to be holding or standing near your phone to take a picture. This works well if you’re taking a selfie or have your phone on a tripod!

Activate Siri

When you press and hold the middle button, you can activate Siri. Once you hear that familiar little chime, you can speak to Siri and Siri will answer. This is a great feature if you need something but your phone is in your pocket or you’re too busy.

Answer A Call

If you’re listening to music and you receive a call, you can answer it by pressing that flat middle button once. iOS doesn’t have the capability to speak to you and let you know who is calling, but this feature is still nice!

Hang Up

At the end of your call, press the middle button once to hang up. Easy!

Reject A Call

Don’t feel like checking the screen to see who is calling? Press and hold that middle button for 2 seconds. Once you hear two beeps, you’ll know the caller has been sent to voicemail. Check it later!

Switch Between Calls

If you’re on a call and you hear the beep telling you that another call is coming through, you can place your first call on hold and answer the second by pressing the middle button once. To switch back, press that same middle button again. Ta-da!

End Current Call To Answer Another

If you don’t want to place the first caller on hold but would rather hang up for the second call, press and hold the middle button for 2 seconds. You’ll hear a confirmation of two beeps letting you know that the first call has hung up and your second call has answered.

Use Them With Your Mac

Those earbuds aren’t only for your iPhone! You can use them with your Mac. The play/pause and volume features will still work! Pretty great, huh?

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