132-Year-Old Lobster Released Into The Wild After 20 Years Living In A Tank

In an effort to support National Lobster Month, the town of Hempstead in New York granted a pardon to one of its residents.

Louie the lobster had lived in a large tank at Peter’s Clam Bar for over 20 years and had become something of a neighborhood mascot. At 132 years of age and a hefty 22 pounds, Louie had made a reputation for himself that was had to overlook.

A customer had recently wanted to buy the lobster (presumably to eat) and that’s when the owner realized that over the years, Louie had become a pet and not a potential meal. He decided to do something about it. Louie had lost a claw at one point in his life, but everyone involved was confident that the elderly lobster would have no problem surviving on his own. He’d only been in captivity for two decades and surely had developed strong survival instincts in his 110 years before being hauled up to the surface. Additionally, they believed he would be just fine due to the lack of natural predators in the area. He’d likely live a long, happy life back out in the sea.

Others weren’t so sure about it and hoped that Louie wouldn’t be fished out and eaten by another fishing boat in the next few days. Hopefully, Louie escapes and lives for many more decades!

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