13 Wedding Cakes That Will Make You CRINGE! I Can’t Believe They Thought THESE Were What The Bride Ordered!!

I will admit to seeing some rather frightening grooms cakes at the weddings that I have been to. The worst was an armadillo that was made of red velvet. When they cut the cake, a horribly gruesome scene was on display for all the world to see…I didn’t stay for much longer after they cut that cake. But as terrible as some grooms cakes have been, none of them come anywhere close to THESE disasters! I don’t understand how a decorator would let these out of their shops and then have the gall to call them WEDDING CAKES! How awful!

1. I’m TIRE’D Of Your Nonsense!

Hey, maybe your family business has something to do with tires. I get how this can be cute in the right circumstances…but how does the cake on the LEFT even compare to the cake on the right?! I feel so bad for this bride! Just look at that disaster!


2. I Can’t BEElieve This Passed For A Wedding Cake!

Hey, when beekeepers decide to throw a party, we can expect a bit of quirky fun at the ceremony! But this cake just crosses a line…it’s supposed to be a beehive hovering over a field of flowers…but something tells me that someone ran out of frosting halfway through the decorating process and decided to just “make do.” Yikes.


3. Sandcastles? Uh, sure…

This couple was having an outdoor wedding and thought that a beach themed wedding cake would be the perfect addition to their special day. They ordered a wedding cake that would look like a sandcastle. Unfortunately, THIS is what was delivered. I feel like the addition of the “sand” was an attempt to hide the poor construction…I hope this cake was at least delicious!


4. The Leaning Tower Of WHY?!

Was this on purpose? Was it supposed to be cute? I’m just confused. The cake topper seems to have survived, but this cake looks like it may have just melted in the van. I really don’t get it.


5. A Field Of…Yellow Grass? Daisies? I Have No Idea.

Kindergarten called and they want their cake back. All of these primary colors are giving me a headache! I’m curious to know if this cake was supposed to look like this, or if someone was just trying to save a few bucks on the wedding cake. Hey, homemade cakes taste delicious! They just might not look so pretty in pictures…


6. Faith, Hope, THRUST, And Love. For Better Or…Well, WORSE.

Spellcheck. Spellcheck. SPELLCHECK.


7. Who Stole The Cake?

Hey, I love a good Bundt cake…but maybe not for a wedding. They could have at least added a bit of icing, or maybe some flowers. The blank cakes on bare cake stands is a bit confusing.


8. The Garden Looks Lovely.

Yes, “weeding” is a large part of gardening, but it has no place in a wedding! SPELLCHECK! At least this was not their actual wedding cake! It looks like a cake that the office would have bought for one of their employees after they came back to work from their honeymoon. This cake cracks me up! Too funny!


9. Hey, You Tried!

They had a very strong vision for what they wanted their wedding cake to look like…however, it didn’t quite pan out like they had hoped! Oh no! At least it was delicious! Right?


10. …But, Why?

There is a reason that stencils were invented, and this cake seems to be that exact reason. It was a cute idea, but it just fell short of their vision! I get what they were going for, but I really hope that they had a backup cake…


11. ?????????

WHAT is going on here? Is that…jello? Why? This can’t have been a wedding cake…at least I hope it wasn’t! The sparkling flower as a cake topper is a fun idea, but the rest of it is just too confusing! I can’t look at this picture anymore.


12. A Cake To Remember

For some reason, this cake reminds me of a wallpaper that I had in my first house. This cake was probably advertised with “delicate” piping detail and gorgeous sugar flowers. They should have covered the entire cake in those sugary flowers instead of trying to pipe on those large globs of icing! I’m so confused! Couldn’t they have just scraped it all off and started over?! This cake makes me sad. There was so much potential.


13. Please Tell Me This Cake Is A Work In Progress…

Is that what they put out at the wedding? I can appreciate that they tried their best to smooth out this icing, and I can appreciate how carefully they tried to add a colored trim, but I cannot overlook that fact that they left it blank! Flowers, ribbons, or even a cake topper could have helped this to be SO much better! Why? Just…why?


I sincerely hope that this never happens to you or any of your loved ones! These cakes have made me sad!

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