12-Year-Old Spends His Free Time Sewing Teddy Bears For Children In The Hospital

The sick children recovering and undergoing treatment at Royal Hobart Hospital in Tasmania have been finding comfort in the teddy bears given by them to one selfless child.

Campbell Remess wanted to do something kind for the children at the hospital, and at first, he wanted to purchase them. His mother told him that it wouldn’t be possible (as Campbell has eight other siblings!), so he should come up with another idea.11-6a14

Campbell wasn’t going to give up. He decided to try and make a teddy bear on his own. It took five hours and a lot of trial and error, but he was able to finally make a bear all on his own.

After three years and countless hours of practice, he can now assemble a teddy in less than one hour. Since he began his project, he has created and gifted over 800 teddy bears to children at the hospital.11-6a15Campbell truly believes that his bears are magical. Three years before he started making bears, his father was diagnosed with cancer. While the doctors were able to remove a large tumor, they told the family that there was an 80% chance that the cancer would return. Campbell made his first teddy bear and gave it to his father to help keep the cancer away. The bear worked, as Campbell’s father has been healthy ever since.

He hopes that his bears will inspire confidence and bring the children joy, and he doesn’t see himself stopping anytime soon.

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