12-Year-Old Brings Gift Of Literacy To Her Impoverished Village By Starting Her Own Library!

Maria Clara had a simple idea and knew that she could change the lives around her by giving people in her village the chance to read. The people who lived in Povoada de Serrote – a poor village in Brazil – earned an average of $120 each month. They struggled to live from day to day, meaning that there would never be enough money to purchase books for their children.

She wanted to change that harsh truth and began by opening her own library. The first thing on her agenda: Get books.8.30a4

Maria created a campaign asking for book donations from anyone who would listen, using an app on her phone. Donations began to trickle in from people who heard about her idea, and once she had enough books, she opened her library in an abandoned office that also provides phone services to a nearby state highway.

Her library now stands as a way for impoverished students to research and learn. The library is small and humble but grows more and more with each donation. The community respects what the library represents, and the books are kept for as long as they are needed. There is no time frame for returns, but the books always end up back on the shelf in the condition they left in.8.30a5

It started as a simple idea and has grown quickly, giving this small village a way to climb out of poverty, one page at a time.


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