12 Ways To Save On Your Grocery Bill Every Month! These Tips Will Save You $$!

Buy in season!

When you’re looking through the produce isle, you’ll notice that different fruits and vegetables will be more expensive than they were a few months ago. While you can get most fruits year-round thanks to greenhouse farming, these will be priced higher and be significantly less satisfying. When you pay attention to what is fresh and seasonal, you will save a lot, and your diet will thank you as well.

Buy in bulk!

Sometimes the stores will give you better deals if you buy more than one item at a time. If it’s an item that isn’t perishable or you buy more than once or twice a week, it will be worth it in the long run to stock up!

Store your groceries properly!

Pay attention to what should and should not put into the refrigerator. Some fruits and vegetables will last longer if you save them on the counter or in a cupboard. You can see a more detailed explanation of this here. If you can keep those veggies fresh for longer, you’ll save money instead of tossing it into the trash!

11.5gUse your freezer!

Meats like ground beef and chicken will keep for a long while in the freezer. Buy your ground beef in bulk and separate it right when you get home from the store into “meal” sizes. For my house, this usually means just a handful of meat. I flatten it out into a storage bag and stack the meat in the freezer. It lasts for a long time and won’t spoil after a few days like it will in the fridge!

You can freeze fruits in the freezer as well, so portion them out and store them in bags. No more spoiling food!

Make your own baby food!

If you have a toddler, you know that the price of baby food can be outrageous for a tiny jar. Learn how to make your own baby food and save a TON! Puree freshly steamed vegetables and fruits and freeze them. You can store the meals in portion sizes in small jars or containers. When baby is ready to eat, just heat them up and serve! Fresh, organic, and best of all…CHEAP!

Freeze pre-made smoothies!

If you like to grab a smoothie instead of making breakfast in the mornings, you can extend the life of your fruits by putting the ingredients in the freezer in single portions. The frozen fruits will give your smoothie a fun frosted texture, and you’ll save a lot when your fruits no longer spoil! This is my favorite breakfast routine. It’s easy and fast. All I do is dumb a bag of frozen fruits into my blender, add some milk, and blend! Ta-da! Perfection.

Store using glass, not plastic!

Sometimes, our leftovers can end up tasting…strange. It’s nothing a little bit of hot sauce won’t cure, but too often I find myself tossing the leftovers instead. We started using mason jars to store our leftovers and the difference is incredible! Try this out and see if it helps you to keep from having to make new dinners every night! Plus, they are so convenient because you can microwave the entire jar if someone is taking the meal to work! Win-win!

11.5hGrow it yourself!

Did you know that green onions, lettuce, and celery will re-grown if you save the stalk and put it into water? It’s true! If you have a small box garden, you can use this as well! If you can save a few bucks by trying out this trick, it’s worth it!

Buy dried beans!

Soaking beans overnight can sound like a daunting task. Why buy dried beans if I can just buy a can? Well, a can will be a very small amount of beans at almost triple the cost! It’s not scary! Just measure out a portion of beans and pour them into a pot full of water. Cover the pot and leave the beans to soak overnight (or 8 hours in advance). You will save on your grocery bill AND your beans will taste better, in my opinion!

Pay attention to the chicken!

You might not realize it, but different parts of a chicken can cost significantly more – especially if you are buying it boneless and skinless. In my area, it is cheaper to buy a whole chicken that just bits and pieces. I’ve learned to cut the chicken up and freeze different parts. I save a good amount of money by doing this monthly, and it tastes better than the frozen boneless chicken breast fillets that you can buy in a bag. Try this out and see if it works for you!

11.5iSave your left over milk!

Is your milk about to expire? FREEZE IT! There are a lot of cute recipes out there that will make fun drinks and desserts using frozen milk mixed with cookies and chocolates. Do some experimenting and save that last bit of milk! We put crushed Oreo’s into our frozen milk and make our coffee extra fun on the weekends! Get creative!


Yes, this one is obvious but it is the most important! Pick up the savings books from your local grocers weekly. Different stores have different sales depending on what they have in stock. It is worth it to take advantage of these deals and save a lot just by remembering to bring your coupons!

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