12 Kansas City Police Officers Rescued From An Elevator With Severely Injured EGOS! Too Funny!

During training, 12 cops loaded into an elevator. They were surprised when the elevator stopped working, but with 12 guys packed into the space, they most likely exceeded the weight limit! The academy realized that the men were stuck and had to make a really “embarrassing” call to the fire department…their rivals!

They participate in fun competitions for charity quite often, like softball tournaments and other good-natured events, so seeing the guys in need of their help was met with laughter and a lot of jokes.

None of the officers were injured, and the Kansas City Police Department snapped this photo and uploaded it to Facebook with the caption, “Well, that was embarrassing.”

Tony Pisciotta posed for the picture with a “thumbs up” and had this to say about the photo:

It was my pleasure to give my best ‘cheese’ face for the boys in blue. I love how some of the guys ducked their heads to prevent being noticed, and others… Well, went with it.”4.29a1

But the picture went viral with over 7,000 shares! The men were all safe and unharmed…aside from their bruised egos! The fire department now has bragging rights for the next year…or until they need help and end up with an embarrassing viral Facebook post! (Which may be never, unfortunately for the officers!)

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