11-Year-Old Boy Wants To Be A Fire Fighter, Donates 125 Smoke Detectors To Senior Citizens!

Hector Montoya has big dreams, but he isn’t waiting until he’s all grown up to help out his community. Hector’s dream is to become a fire fighter, something that he can’t do at age 11. He wasn’t going to let that small detail get in the way of his dreams, so he started small.

Hector began collecting donations for smoke detectors when he was 8 after seeing a news story about a woman who was killed in a fire along with one of her twin daughters. The story shocked and confused him and he wanted to do something to help the surviving child. He reached out to his local fire department in Texas and got the little girl’s information, discovering that she was only 7 years old.

He contacted the mayor and got everyone to agree that it was “her day.” He crafted a crown and invited her to accepts the honor of her own “day,” and gifts along with the support of her community. And from that day forward, he never stopped thinking of others.

After several years of collecting donations, Hector purchased 125 smoke detectors and gave them to the fire department. They were distributed to needy senior citizens – the people who would need the most advanced notice if their homes were on fire. 8.5a20

He’s an amazing kid,” said DeSoto Fire Rescue Chief Jerry Duffield.

The fire academy has offered him a full scholarship thanks to his actions, and they want to encourage him not to give up on his dreams of being able to rescue people when they need help the most.

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