11-Year-Old Boy Mangled By Roller Coaster Stays Calm And Helps Everyone Else Instead Of Panicking!

Roller coasters were invented because people love the rush of adrenaline. Going fast, being upside down, and being shaken about really brings out a love for life that people don’t get everyday. But other people absolutely hate roller coasters. They are scared of the danger and will not ride one under any circumstance.

While their fears are rarely justified, one roller coaster disaster in Scotland has brought that fear to life with awful clarity. 7.6a13

Motherwell, the M&D theme park was in the news when the Tsunami ride malfunctioned, leaving 10 people severely injured. The 5-car ride flew off of the tracks and fell over 30 feet onto the ground. Among the injured was a little boy name Liam Boyle, who is just 11-years-old. He stayed calm while waiting for emergency personnel to arrive on the scene and was more concerned about keeping his friend from panicking than worried about his own injuries.

I have seen grown men in a battlefield who haven’t been that composed.” Robert McCucheon said, a former army medic.7.6a12

The boy was cracking jokes with the emergency responders, who had never witnessed anything like it. Out of everyone on the ride, Liam sustained the most injuries. His hand was almost completely severed and his leg was horribly broken. He has since undergone two surgeries.

The park is currently closed while authorities carry out investigations as to why this happened in the first place.

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