11 Pictures To Prove Why You Should Be Thankful For Your Dog!

Is your dog your best friend? When I was younger, my dog was my best friend! As I got older, he became more of a constant in my life rather than my best friend, but he always held a special place in my heart! But as my mom always said, “they might not be your entire world, but you are their entire world. Now stop stalling and take him for a walk!” Haha, thanks mom, way to guilt trip us into walking or dog! Dogs are incredible. They are just so full of love and loyalty, how can you NOT love them back?!

1. You can’t stay in a bad mood with their smiling face looking at you with so much love!

You know this look…you can be giving them a treat, taking them to the park, or just taking a nap and as soon as you look at them, they give you this cute little face! It’s too much to handle!

2. They don’t mind taking the blame!

Why? Because they know that you will love them no matter what! Seriously, even this mom came home to this huge mess…and couldn’t bring herself to scold them right off! She just had to take a picture! Too cute.


3. They are always happy to see you…even if you only stepped outside to get the mail from the mail box!

Those 30 seconds it took you to walk to the street and back? The longest 30 seconds of your dog’s LIFE! That overjoyed exuberance makes any day instantly better. Even when I would come home from work exhausted and miserable, those happy yips and doggy kisses made everything better!


4. They are always down for doggy kisses!

They don’t care if you’re sweaty or smelly – they love you anyway!


5. They don’t mind being themselves around you!

Those adorable “derp” faces are reserved for and you alone! Good thing they don’t know about the internet!


6. They will love you until their very last heartbeat.

Even as they get older, they always love you the most! Love them back until the very end!


7. They make nap time so much cozier.

Who needs a space heater when you have a dog? Twice as warm, and infinitely more cuddly!


8. They might get in trouble, but they are too cute to stay mad at!

How can you NOT be mad at these acrobatics?! No, buddy, you can’t have cereal…but you’re just so cute! Quick, snap a picture!


9. They will be your best friend for life!

Growing up and growing old is something our four-legged friends do best. I love these pictures…they’re so sweet!


10. They are always ready to play!

They are down for anything! Swimming, playing ball, running, or just goofing around the house with their toys! Endless entertainment for the whole family!


11. They help you stay active!

They need exercise everyday…and so do you! Seeing your favorite pooch getting antsy around the house means it’s time to go outside! Even if it’s a short walk through the neighborhood, they will appreciate the time outdoors! Get up and go!


If you needed another reason to get a dog, just scroll up and look through this list again! I love my dogs, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything else in the entire world!

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